Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

What services does Mad Energy NW provide?
We design and build solar and electrical services for homes and businesses.
How much are your estimates?

We offer free estimates at MAD Energy NW.

What zip codes do you service?
Our Solar Electricians service the following cities: Kent, Auburn, Covington, Maple Valley, Federal Way, Tacoma, Tukwila, Burien, SeaTac, Newcastle, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Bothell, Woodinville, Fall City, Snoqualmie, North Bend, University Place, Enumclaw, Buckley.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and checks.
Are you licensed and bonded?
With over 30 years of combined experience from management, (2) Master Electricians, (3) NABCEP Certifications and a complete team that is committed to our core values, you can trust we have the skills and follow through to exceed expectations on your next home or business project.
Can you provide references for previously completed work?

Residents and businesses throughout the Greater Seattle area choose MAD Energy NW to provide the best electrical quality, care, and precision — down to the wire. You can see some of our previous work here.

Do you offer help with financing?

Yes, we partner with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union that provides residential solar loans. They offer competitive rates, zero money down financing options and flexible loan terms from two to twenty years. You can easily apply online here

Why should I choose MAD Energy NW for my solar project?

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience and have designed, managed and installed thousands of residential solar projects across western Washington. Some of our most noteworthy commercial solar projects that we worked on include the Seattle Aquarium, REI, Google, and the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building on the planet. In addition to 25 schools and 6 fire stations. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we only use certified electricians for all our solar installations.

What other incentive are available?

Washington state has a 100% sales tax exemption. Saving around 10% for our customers.
Sales and use tax exemption on purchases and installation of solar energy systems (wa.gov)
Washington state utilities participate in Net Metering.
Net Metering | SEIA

Federal Tax Credit
DSIRE (dsireusa.org)

What is the perfect solution for storm-proof power?

The perfect solution for storm-proof power is a combination of solar panels and a backup generator. This hybrid approach ensures continuous electricity supply, harnessing clean energy from solar panels during normal conditions while having a generator as a reliable backup during storms or power outages, providing a robust and dependable power source. Read More.

Solar Questions

Why should I install solar energy on my home/business?

Solar energy reduces or even eliminates energy bills. You can earn tax credits and rebates as well. When you file your taxes you can get back 30% of the total system costs back. Most importantly, solar energy helps the environment by combating greenhouse gas emissions. Click here to read more.

How long will solar installation take?
The installation process itself usually takes only one to three days and is completed by a highly skilled team of in-house installers.
How long will my solar panels last?
Solar panels are extremely durable. They are capable of withstanding wind, snow, and hail. Various components of your solar system will need to be replaced at different times, but your system should continue to operate efficiently for 25 to 35 years.
Will the solar array put holes in my roof, or be too heavy?
Rooftop solar panels are designed to be light enough as to not affect the roof’s integrity. There are, however, some factors that can make panels too heavy such as roof damage and infrastructure problems. Our professionals will be able to assess your roof to ensure no damage is done over time.
How much roof space do I need for my solar panels
It is pretty standard that every square foot of roof space has the potential to generate 15 watts of solar energy. A solar panel installation on a small house may only need around 200 square feet of roof space, while a larger home could require more than 1,000 square feet of roof space.
What does the average system cost?

Calculating the cost of solar panels involves several factors. Prices can differ due to location and how much energy is needed to power heating and cooling units. Most homes on average fall between $25,000 - $35,000 before factoring in a federal tax credit. Click to read more about how much does solar costs in Seattle.

Is solar a good investment in Western Washington?

Yes. Western Washington receives more annual sun than Germany, one of the leading solar countries. As electrical rates continue to increase, the cost of solar installations have come down considerably, all the while system efficiency and the technology has improved. This makes solar an ever increasing good investment as inflation and energy costs continue to rise. Solar for your home or business is an investment that pays for itself and saves you exponentially over the system life. Solar installations also increase your property value and have proven to have a greater resale value with high efficiency features. The cost of not going solar is similar to additional long term interest or lease costs compared to an upfront cash purchase. Own your electricity, go solar with MAD Energy NW.

Are solar panels worth it in Tacoma?

Solar panels are undoubtedly worth the investment in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma enjoys a moderate climate with plenty of sunshine during the summer months, making it an ideal location for harnessing solar energy. Click here to read more.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Discover the science behind solar panels! Uncover the intricate workings of these energy marvels as we delve into the photovoltaic effect, exploring components, physics, and the wide range of applications. Unearth the advantages of harnessing sunlight to generate electricity in this comprehensive guide. Read More.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing arrangement used for solar panels and other renewable energy systems. It allows homeowners and businesses to earn credits for the excess electricity their solar panels generate and feed back into the grid. These credits can then be used to offset the electricity they consume from the grid when their solar panels are not producing enough power, effectively allowing them to "bank" surplus energy and reduce their overall energy costs. Net metering promotes the adoption of renewable energy by providing a financial incentive for individuals and organizations to invest in solar power systems.

What are the benefits of a commercial solar system?

A commercial solar system offers several benefits, including reduced electricity costs, potential tax incentives, improved sustainability, and a positive brand image. By harnessing solar energy, businesses can lower their electricity bills, achieve long-term cost savings, and even generate revenue through excess energy production. Additionally, government incentives and tax credits can offset the initial installation costs. Embracing solar power demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing to eco-conscious customers and investors. Overall, a commercial solar system can enhance financial, environmental, and corporate social responsibility aspects of a business.

Why Is Everyone Going Solar? What Am I Missing?

Many people are going solar because it offers numerous benefits, including lower energy bills, reduced environmental impact, and potential financial incentives. You might be missing out on substantial savings, increased energy independence, and the chance to contribute to a more sustainable future by not considering solar energy for your home or business. Read more about why everyone is going solar.

What are some of the solar maintenance and warranties in Washington?

Discover the Benefits of Solar Energy in Washington State: Lower Your Bills, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, and Choose MAD Energy NW for Expert Solar Panel Installation and Support. Click here to read more.

With all of the misleading information online about solar panels, how do I know who to trust?

To navigate through the abundance of misleading information online about solar panels, it's essential to prioritize companies with credentials, positive customer feedback, transparent pricing, quality products, and personalized solutions. Look for reputable installers like MAD Energy NW, who demonstrate a commitment to reliability, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. Read More

How long does it take to recoup the initial investment for solar panels?

The time it takes to recoup the initial investment for solar panels varies depending on factors such as system cost, energy savings, and available incentives. On average, homeowners can expect a payback period of around 5 to 10 years.

Residential Electrical Wiring

When should my home be rewired?
Homes older than 50 years generally need to be updated and rewired. Old wiring can fail to support modern technological demands and could increase the risk of a house fire. Nearly 10% of all residential fires are caused by electrical problems, such as old wiring.
Is it possible to map out all of the circuits in my home?
An electrical map is a detailed diagram of your home’s electrical system and it is usually mapped out by a licensed or experienced electrician. It is certainly possible to map out the circuits in your home but if you’re not experienced then it won’t be a very detailed map. To best ensure that your electrical map is accurately mapped out you should hire a licenced electrician.
Do you offer emergency electrical support?

Unfortunately we do not offer emergency electrical support. If you are having electrical issues we recommend that you contact your local electrician.

Can I do electrical work on my own?
Although it is legal in most cases to do your own electrical work, one major concern is whether or not it is all up to code. If it does not meet code during an inspection when it comes time to sell your house you could end up having to pay an electrician which could cost you more in the long-run. Without adequate electrical knowledge you could end up running into issues down the road as well.
What is a surge protector? Do I need a surge protector?
Surge protectors are devices specifically made to protect electronic equipment against voltage spikes. They handle voltage spike irregularities and maintain an even flow of power into devices. Surge protectors are often confused with power strips. Desktop computers, laptops, televisions, gaming systems, and charging phones should all be plugged into a surge protector, so they aren't damaged in a storm. A power spike or power surge can shorten the life of these devices or even wipe out all of your data.
Do I need to vacate my property while it is being re-wired?
There are a number of factors that depend on whether or not it’s best to vacate your property such as how many tenants there are, age of the house, whether or not you have children, what company you hire, what rooms need to be rewired, and how the house is currently wired. Rewiring can involve ripping up floorboards and carpet which can create a lot of dust and make it an uncomfortable living space. It is highly advised to vacate if you have young children or if there are older people in the household.
What should I do if my breaker panel is hot?
It is normal for a breaker box to feel warm when current is passing through it but it should never feel hot. If it does feel hot you sould shut the power off manually and call a local electrician to come and assess the situation.
Why are the lights flickering in my home?
Lights flickering could mean a loose connection in that circuit or it’s possible the circuit could be overloaded. You could potentially have a more serious issue with your house wiring such as an electrical panel issue or an issue with the main connections to your home.