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Customer satisfaction is paramount to the MAD Energy NW team. With over 10 years of electrical contracting, our founder and Master Electrician Mike Dalton, and our crew have the skills you need to complete your next home or commercial project. As a company, we have seen firsthand how important a commitment to quality and integrity can be. Our core values reflect our experiences. At MAD Energy NW, our first priority is providing the best quality, care, and precision for our customers, down to the wire.

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best quality, care, and precision  down to the wire.

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We have the best dedicated people, who love what they do, have mastered their craft, and have chosen to work for MAD Energy NW.  People want to believe in and be proud of the work they do.  That is becoming harder to find in the workplace.  At MAD Energy NW they found a team that works together with respect and confidence to deliver on our mission together….The best Quality, Care and Precision Down to the wire.  Our customers know the difference.  Check our online reviews and trust you too will make the right decision working with MAD Energy NW.

Curtis Baesler

Electrical Apprentice

Kevin Charap

General Manager

Mike Dalton

Business Development Manager

Hailey DAlton

Chief Administrative Officer

Josh Ell

Master Electrical Journeyman

Dickson Harding

Project Manager

John Higginbotham

Electrical Journeyman

Paul Hopp

Solar Design Consultant

Chase Irish

Electrical Apprentice

Eric Russell

Electrician & Solar Foreman

Austin Spence

Electrical Apprentice

Jason Webster

Electrical Apprentice